Discussion topics for future of humanity

How would we want human culture to evolve? Away from greed, sex, and aggression? What would the perfect human look like?

What is the perfect society for you?

What is good in our education systems? Is there anything we should keep?

How can we attract the best and brightest of society to politics?

To which extent should the state support startups and entrepreneurs?

Is humanity doomed due to aging? Can old people innovate and build a better future?

After the fall of the American dream, can other countries be a beacon of hope and inspiration for humanity?

Should companies be responsible for social security and pensions?

Should companies be responsible for doing good for society? Or is it the job of the State and citizens themselves?

To which extent should the government be involved in people’s lives, trying to make them live better lives?

Can a society run out of jobs?

Is equality desirable?

Can there be progress without greed?

How can we solve the mental health crisis?

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